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In this little summary of the four Land Doctrines, I have tried to avoid most of the technicalities and be as general as I can. Use caution should you decide to make drastic changes. Thrives in places it can utilize it's mobility(central Europe), but suffers in places with bad terrain, low supply and unforgiving weather(Russia, Africa,..). This is a more challenging area. (2.5 per yard) x (QTY of naval yards dedicated) / (cost of design) = production cost in days. HOI4: Netherlands Guide - The Liberation of Eindhoven in 1944 Table of Contents 1) Introduction 2) General Advice 3) National Focus and Political Power 4) Research in Brief 5) Division Templates 6) Final Tips Introduction The Netherlands was one of the nations to receive a revamped focus tree as part of the latest Man the Guns expansion. Not every division works for every situation, so I need to change things sometimes.. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The defender has Initiative, shown by the golden chevrons beneath its general. The below chapter should make it easier to pick the doctrine that will harmonize with your playing style. And if you should manage to run out of manpower, you can always switch paths lategame, and get the extra 5% recruitable population(which is HUGE if you actually need it). ah yes, the best millitary tactic in my opinion is sock and awe. The first Mural-in-a-Day, painted on June 3, 1989. Join. Marines grant a +40% attack bonus across large rivers. Well done! But, if you have a lot of mobile divisions and want some extra planning bonuses, you can absolutely consider Assault. For Naval, I use land-based aircraft for them, especially since the introduction of the carrier aircraft bug. Although it is possible to go for Superior Firepower with tanks to get insane stats but not a lot of org and recovery rate. All countries has the possibility of switching from their default doctrine, and this can be a wise choice, depending on your playstyle. I cannot get past the French army, I have tons of divisions and every time I make an attack my 24 division command cant beat 3 divisions of French soldiers and absolutely zero progress is made, its been a stalemate for months now. Our detailed guides will help you enhance your gaming experience, improve your gameplay, and help you gain efficiency! Make sure to read carefully and have fun. Well, if you build 40w divisions you might add some other support-units and get some value out of the +10 org for support-companies. Privacy Policy. Pacify the Country Side (and do the decisions to remove the bandits for 180 days each, the 1500 guns lost because you are lazy is not worth it) 2. Trade Delegation (50% bonus) 3. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. I have not geeked out and calculated the most mathmaticaly viable doctrine for every country. This doesnt mean it is the strongest but used well, can be more than an advisory even for large tank divisions. Soviet Union also has tons of manpower but also significant industry. Contents 1 Historical background 2 National focus 3 Technology 4 Politics 4.1 National spirits 4.2 Diplomacy 5 Staff and designer 6 Economy 6.1 Laws 6.2 Industry and resources 7 Military 8 Strategies and guides Historical background National focus Generic national focus tree. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Thanks to most of its bonuses being oriented around planning, making details battleplans is a must with this doctrine. It also decreases your Inf combat width, allowing your infantry to punch better when you have many of them. Motorised: 7 motorised, 2 infantry, engineer company. I think land doctrines needs a serious revamp, superior firepower is the way to go for like 95% of the countries in the game 1.8K DuckSwagington 3 yr. ago Superior Firepower is getting nerfed next patch. Their doctrine was superior firepower with 3 line artillery and 1 support artillery per battallion. personally i believe the best land doctrine is based on how you wage war. Widely considered one of the most powerful options, Superior Firepower is a great choice in just about any situation. Mobile warfare is a focus on speed and maneuver to cut off and disorganize enemy forces. The city of Toppenish is an agricultural center in the fertile Yakima Valley and the largest city on the Yakama Indian Reservation. Contents 1 Cost to unlock 2 Doctrine trees 3 List of all doctrines 3.1 Mobile Warfare 3.2 Superior Firepower 3.3 Grand Battleplan 3.4 Mass Assault 4 Comparison of doctrines Of course, as a result of the diversity of modifiers, bonuses are not as profitable as in the remaining cases, but you receive them in various fields. This will give you the chance to fight the United States; one of the aspects I like most about the new focus tree is your claims to former territories like New Jersey a neat and interesting feature. Using this for it's maximum impact often requires some micromanagement from the player, and preferably a country with a larger industrial base. Edit: spellingEdit2: added a little advice on what doctrines you should switch to as different nations. Requires a very large industrial base for production of expensive mobile divisions, Focuses on an Infantry/Artillery heavy unit composition, Balanced between offense and defense, with a slight preference for defense, Requires a large industrial base for production of costly infantry divisions, Great at stale fronts, utilizing it's high entrenchment and planning bonuses, Balanced between offensive and defensive abilities, Emphasis on Inf, Mot and Mec - provides the most powerful offensive Infantry bonuses. But if you want to invade the United States, roll over Europa, or have some other crazy ideas, while also being confident that you can handle Africa, China or whatever, go ahead and switch to something you are more comfortable with. other nations going for tanks could and should still pick mobile infantry. But I do see the benefits of Superior Firepower and Mobile Warfare (I can't remember what Mass Assault consists of), Mass assa is winning by having more manpower. Out of the four available doctrines, you can only use one at a time, so you should make your choice wisely. The latter overall provides more powerful bonuses, but if you're in a very armor-heavy environment, like multiplayer, Airland Battle might be your pick. But I have a problem: I dont know, which land doctrine I should use. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Germany. Actually, no. If you have chosen a big country with huge naval industry, pick the fleet in being. Go down Mobile Warfare land doctrine prioritising motorised bonuses instead of tanks (the left side of the research tree). Soviet - Soviet should usually switch doctrines, as Mass Assault's main purpose is defending against Germany. It is the default doctrine for several countries due to its generic bonuses, including France, Italy, and Japan. and our I think this is a nice beginner guide overall, but I have two quibbles. Using two military factories should be enough make sure you place your main focus is on infantry equipment, artillery and motorised. This can cripple an enemy army if you catch a few units in a pocket at a time and annihilate them. Hello and welcome back to another Hoi4 video! Personally, I would take Superior Firepower. Build up your military as it will be essential for whatever path you take. The AI seems most likely to take this doctrine - especially AI Spain. To be specific: air, land, and naval doctrines can be unlocked by using the warfare experiences. Superior firepower does not buff artillery 40%. Motorised divisions will provide speed helping you to encircle divisions and capture Paris quickly giving you a better chance of capitulating France before they strengthen. We will cover all the doctrines in order. Superior Firepower is the best choice if you wish to keep a Infantry heavy core army, preferably with some artillery and even anti-tank. Choosing the right doctrine is an important component of Hearts of Iron IV. A wrong doctrine will provide you with minimal bonuses and you will be at a disadvantage against your enemies. Our guide to the Netherlands in Hearts of Iron IV should help you out. I've noticed posts from new players wondering where their manpower and equipment are going, and it's then discovered that they're all thrown away by the AI because they're attacking across the whole front without complete superiority and good terrain. In Cornflakes planning bonus is lost 8 times as fast when you manually control. This isnt a viable offensive strategy, although it can be useful for countries with high manpower such as the Soviet Union or China. You are using an out of date browser. Valve Corporation. Your email address will not be published. Sorry, Blitzkrieg, but Mobile Infantry is just overall better. The Medical Withdrawal Unit phone number is 509.865.1590. All rights reserved. You need to pick your side before 1939 before Hitler does the Around Maginot focus. Scroll down for the best land, air, and naval doctrines to pick Hearts of Iron IV. But now, the developers over at Paradox have provided players with an intriguing focus tree that provides you with diverse options. Construction 1 is done, proceed with Superior Firepower. Come and meet with our huge family! If youve enjoyed this guide, please be sure to check out the others in our HOI4 nation guides. This doctrine is a sound solution for those of the players that like meticulous defining of frontlines and who like seizing areas after actions have been planned in detail. But i usally use Mobile Warfare or Superior Firepower depending what country im playing as. Those need the benefit of Dispersed Support (left option of SF). For centuries, the site was roamed by the Yakama Indians and other Plateau Tribes and was included in the Yakama Reservation . Your generals meanwhile plan 4 parallel universes ahead of the enemy and obliterate the front with big brain power the moment you order an assault. Privacy Policy. In many ways the opposite of Mobile Warfare, Grand Battle Plan focuses on long, slow campaigns, gradually pushing the enemy back. As usual, I will begin the guide with some rudimentary principles that are worth following, even if you ignore my military tactics and political ideology. It is mountainous in the north and plains and jungle in the south. It's the best doctrine in terms of stats. This website uses cookies. Operational integrity is the best. With a strong focus on carriers and their support, no enemy will be outside our reach, whether on land or at sea. This doctrine is all about damage. I cannot get past the French army, I have tons of divisions and every time I make an attack my 24 division command cant beat 3 divisions of French soldiers and absolutely zero progress is made, its been a stalemate for months now. They are removed from the game, and a portion of its equipment if any can be absorbed by your units. Contents 1 Tactics 2 Combat width 3 Reserves 4 Attacks 5 Defenses 6 Damage dealing 6.1 Targeting[1] 6.2 Collateral damage 7 Combat factors 8 Equipment damage 9 Equipment capture 10 Equipment recovery Tactics [ edit | ] So I rush for that "Floating Fortress" doctrine, I think that's in the "Fleet in Being" tree. Both good for battlefield support and bombing enemy when needed. "A quote is easy to forge" - Julius Caesar. This one is an universal model of actions, especially useful are reductions of shortage of supplies, which considerably limit demand. Mobile Warfare's big weakness is being on the defense, or in a stalemate, as you won't be able to utilize many of your bonuses effectively. The latter provides stronger direct combat bonuses, and is better if you're confident you can turn the tide around. These are MILs, CIVs airfields, AA sites, and the like. Of course, with the focus tree being so large now, I thought it would be wise to only list the most important focuses for ease of reading. Fellow RPG lover here. I observed differently - though that was in the Spanish Civil War and at least one patch ago. General Strategies: Hungary is Romania's biggest rival in Eastern Europe. Weve also released France Guide, Soviet Union Guide, Communist China Guide, and German Reich Guide. Mostly preferred by Germany, Japan and Soviet Union. Mass Assault is a unique doctrine due to it not being meant to be a permanent strategy. Strategy game enthusiast, especially Paradox titles and the Civilization series. I made quick explanations, guides, and recommended doctrines for countries. If your plan is not a big arrow pointing to your opponents capital your army will not attack all across the front. When playing at the UK I always stick with Grand Battle plan as I like pulling Montgomery's strategy of doing a huge build up of logistical organization and having an advantage of everything against the enemy before finally attacking. Infantry can be used in many ways, from landing groups to garrisons to combat line units. Great guide by the way.Even though i have just over 300hours on the game I never really paid attaention to the navy stuff,so I was always confused for the doctrines,but thanks to this I am not anymoe.Brabo,mate! Copyright 2000 - 2023 GRY-Online S.A. for gamepressure.com, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. 153. r/hoi4. Expand the Textile Industry (2 civs) 4. With a formidable army, the Netherlands can become a robust force and can go on to become one of the key naval powers in the world once Britain has been defeated. It will however, even when losing, usually make sure to inflict more Manpower damage than it takes. A battle screen showing the selected tactics next to the commanding generals, separated by a chess piece icon (which when clicked shows all tactics). CLEARING THE LAND. It is the most versatile unit on the battlefield. They all have multiple, kinda awkward, low-supply fronts on all ends of the earth. 2. Tactical bombers are flexible and can perform both ground support and regular bombing. Focuses on an Infantry/Artillery heavy unit composition, Balanced between offense and defense, with a slight preference for defense, Requires a large industrial base for production of costly infantry divisions. Overruns are the BEST way to win wars. Dispersed support is good if you have divisions with lots of line artillery. China for the win. Concerning your division template, this doctrine goes quite well will artillery forces. Today is another beginner guide video, where I discuss what each land doctrine is best suited form, as well as some general information to go. Check out our other nation guides. The 20% Soft attack and Defense is getting halved to 10%. It is only visible to you. Why Do People Like Play Job Simulation Games. Specific Doctrines for specific Countries(debatable). Scan this QR code to download the app now. It also depend on the type of aircraft you are using (light ore heavy fighter; special or multi-purpose). Grand Battle Plan is not exactly ideal when going head to head with i.e. Air doctrine wise u missed out, that the best fighter bonuses are in strategic bombing and operational integrity, hence they give you agility bonuses which battlefield support does not. A wrong doctrine will provide you with minimal bonuses and you will be at a disadvantage against your enemies. However, if you are losing badly, pick the desperate defense path. Superior Firepower is based on the concept of Shock and awe, a military strategy that employs great displays of force and significant usage of explosive weapons against the enemy. Japan benefits from it only because of an early war with China. A single Naval Yard outputs 2.5 production per day. Please see the. superior firepower is great at causing more damage to the enemy with all their bonuses they get. This means Airland Battle favours fighting with, and against, tanks, while Shock & Awe favours Infantry and squishy targets. #3. So, what are the best doctrines in HOI4? Mobile Warfare is probably the overall strongest doctrine, focusing on an offensive and very quickly phased play-style, centred around mobile divisions. Playing as a nation that picks up Supererior Firepower, you will be running both full support battalions, and a decent amount of artillery in all infantry divisions. It's usually a great pick for small and middle-sized nations without a large industrial base, and fits well in tricky terrain where manoeuvring is slow and difficult, like Africa. Just a quick noob's guide to Land Doctrines in HOI4. This doctrine focuses on throwing shells, not men, at the enemy. Referrals may be made by physicians, psychologists, social workers, mental health professionals, and social services agencies. Within this path you will have the option to focus on either armored divisions or mobile divisions, with each path providing bonuses to their respective unit. In addition, the new focus tree gives you some stupendous bonuses towards your navy granting further dockyards for production. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America). Development of this doctrine also reinforces infantry and, in individual variants, it allows you to increase the number of people of military age. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America), Focuses on mobile divisions, especially tanks, Great on the offensive, the worst doctrine when losing. Also, lower consumption of supplies should be noted here, regardless of whether you are the attacker or the defender - you always come prepared. I think GBP is also really good for Natty China. Especially as facsist. In multiplayer against a Paradox Developer on Germany? It is only visible to you. Infantry: 7 infantry, 2 artillery, recon company, engineer company and anti-tank. Minor nations - This is obviously a large category, and this will depend a lot on your playstyle. Insubordination and lack of organization and are out of question here. Therefore mobile warfare is the best land doctrine. Land Doctrine Guide 2022 - NO STEP BACK HEARTS OF IRON 4 3,165 views May 11, 2022 151 Dislike Share Konrad von Scharnhorst 4.01K subscribers The Long awaited guide for all land doctrines.. Here is my list below: Arguably, the most important thing to remember with the Netherlands is to use your resources well. A strong fleet focused around battleship means that we are a force to be reckoned with when deployed at sea. Find the list of the most important things you should begin to research below: HOI4: The Netherlands Guide Your national focus tree gives you the chance to increase naval production (the boat is a replica of the Batavia, a flagship of the Dutch East India Company built in 1628). I've tried to be as impartial as possible, but I would love your input. An overrun unit is destroyed. Please see the. High entrenchment bonuses. Giving a starting bonus of a bunch of planning speed, some movement bonuses and Tank breakthrough, the Mobile Warfare doctrine focuses heavily on buffing Motorised and Mechanised Infantry . So! Strayed Lights is an atmospheric action-adventure game and the first title from Embers studio. There are three different war doctrines in HOI4. Pokmon Scarlet and Violet | Iron Leaves Tera Raid Event Guide, Strayed Lights Review: Fight for the Light (PS5), How to Mod Stardew Valley on Steam: Two Easy Methods. HOI4 Best Land Doctrine Which land doctrine to pick in HOI4? Go for modern blitzkrieg path for better offense. Baldurs Gate 3 Real Time Combat Will Never Happen! Fleet in being is to not really good for anything, wierd mix of mediocre bonuses with surface, subs and carriers, battleships arent good at all and it requires more effort on research it. Depending on the tree, there are various variants available, and they exclude each other. HOI4: Netherlands Guide The Liberation of Eindhoven in 1944. Designed by Phil Kooser of Yakima, the mural was painted under his direction by 15 west-ern artists who collaborated on the 40-foot painting. United States - Superior Firepower fits their playstyle pretty great. It is generally an Infantry and Manpower focused Doctrine. You can wear down a superior foe and push his weakened units out of the way. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Development Studio. I compiled a little guide on how the different land doctrines operates. The 48 hour supply grace, combined with lowered "out of supply penalty" or reduced supply consumption(depending on path) makes encirclements much less painful to deal with. Hearts Of Iron IV: By Blood Alone Review: Planes and More! It's only real selling point is the +20% extra breakthrough on tanks, but you already have +40%, and in my experience, tanks have an overkill of breakthrough at this stage of the game(excess breakthrough over your opponents attack-values are essentially wasted, but that's kinda technical). Doctrines are meant to be something you develop overtime during the war (game). Good for both offense and defense. Telling its cerebral tale through a sequence of challenging boss battles and environm Learning how to mod Stardew Valley on Steam will be a breeze with this guide. Signal companies, recon, etc. Visit our. Only the integrated/disintegrated support techs affect artillery. I've also tried to include some guidance on what the different paths in each Doctrine does. There are about 10 separate researches in Land Doctrines, 12 in Air, and 15 in Naval. An easy example is pairing Grand Battleplan with Infantry leaders using the Ambusher, Unyielding Defender, Defensive Doctrine, Guerilla Fighter bonuses. Japan, Italy, UK - These are all kinda in the same boat. It lets your troops consume less supplies since they will all be overseas anyway making your life easier and give hefty night attack bonuses and organisation/entrenchment for defending islands. It goes without saying that overwhelming majority of modifiers will provide you with bonuses to breaking enemy positions, which will increase effectiveness of expansion and of taking better positions. 16. r/hoi4. Not some few additional attacks. talking about land doctrine, how come the last one on the right (sorry, cant remember the name right now) has 2 less options than all the others? So a single 14-4 is worth double on offense than a pair of 7-2. You sit on the line and see enemies trip into your trench and fall into the core of the earth. I hope you enjoy my content. Also, defense advantages from the doctrine are important, which in certain situation affect development of guerrilla actions. After nationalism, continue with Army Effort (for the land doctrine bonus) With the next 150 pp, you can get Silent Workhorse for 15% more pp. When the enemy is bereft of organization, he will be destroyed in short order. Your email address will not be published. Warhunter Jun 30, 2016 @ 8:48pm. I'm kidding. For GBP it's important to make clear the inherent disadvantages of using the battle planner. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Capital Ships can use up to 5 yards of production at a time, Screens and Subs use up to 10 yards, and transports can have a capacity of 15 yards working. Second best land doctrine is the superior firepower, if you have a somewhat average-big industry to back it up. Even better when you mostly agree but find nice little tidbits to tweak your armies. Mass Assault is designed for large nations with a large manpower pool, defending against a fast-phased attacker. Mass Assault? Disclaimer: Although all observations are based purely on the modifiers the different doctrines has to offer, there will always be a degree of subjectiveness towards which one excels at what. German Reich should pick this doctrine and spam submarines to make an impact on the seas. After that everything is basically focusses on fighting a in a bad situation and recovering from said bad situation. HALLER'S DEFEAT. I've never really got the hang of using Tanks and Armour so it's Inf/Art that win wars for me. Blitzkrieg is a great option if you know how to move your armored divisions. So from this my doctrines are Superior Firepower/Dispersed Support/,Battle Feild Support and Fleet in Being. Once more, Jimmy, the flow chart, please!! There is also an argument to be made for Integrated Support if you are running lots of mobile divisions, as they will have no line artillery. Motorised work well for smaller nations as they are easier and cheaper to produce and defend better than tanks, Gateway to Europe (start giving trade bonuses to Germany over Britain), War on Pacifism (its important that you do decisions to get rid of Shell-shocked Spectator of the Great War trait that decreases your overall manpower), Cave to the Germans (continue this branch seeing you ally with the Axis forces if youre fascist going it alone will likely result in war with Germany due to their war goal from Around Maginot), The Zuiderzee Works (its a long focus, but will get rid of any negative industry traits), Electronic Mechanical Engineering (continue this path down research, encryption and decryption bonuses etc. About The Author Lucky Boop Are you planning on getting on the offensive? Which doctrine you use will depend on several factors, such as your playstyle, industrial capacity, and geographic position. But in Focus Tree you get Bonuses on Mobile Warfare (with Tank Bonuses) or on Grand Battleplan (with Support Artillery and infantry weapons bonuses). All of the aspects of the attack need to be carefully pre-planned, entrenchment of your units is more effective and you receive higher bonuses from development of battle plan. What is the best doctrine? The Internal Balance - A Stability and Factions Overhaul, The Balance of Power 2.0 - Reworking How Rivals and Neighbors React to Expansion Long Term. Fastest and easiest way to destroy your enemies in land warfare is encirclement. Especially for those of the players that value diversity of units, rather than focus on any of their types. Hm. This guide contains four categories: So I just spam heavily armored battleships and light cruisers. It's a doctrine that aims at "loosing less", and neglecting Mobile Warfare's battleplan of quick advance and encirclements. So far, we have covered nations like the German Reich and Communist China and will look to cover either Mexico or Non-Aligned Britain next two nations that have been overhauled in the Man the Guns DLC. The first doctrine helps solve both problems by allowing you to deploy your new divisions 10% faster and with 10% less equipment. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. It is the most versatile unit on the battlefield. Painted by famed Western artist Fred Oldfield, the mural portrays a Great at stale fronts, utilizing it's high entrenchment and planning bonuses, Balanced between offensive and defensive abilities, Emphasis on Inf, Mot and Mec - provides the most powerful offensive Infantry bonuses. Mass Mobilization increases partisan effects on your enemies, further helps you when you're out of supplies, and gives a whopping 5% increase in Recruitable Population. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Yet, at the same time, Holland gets a few horrible traits like -50% recruitable population and decreased construction speed meaning you either risk war or begin the game with a meager industry. Support Artillery will get +12.5 Soft Attack (assuming they use Artillery I equipment which has base of 25 Soft Attack) from Integrated Support, not +7.5. personally i believe the best land doctrine is based on how you wage war.

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